Multicultural gastronomic experience

Goorgia, due to its location, has been a place of confluence of cultures since ancient times, which led to the fusion of European and Asian traditions, lifestyle and culture.


"Rustaveli" restaurant serves to present this diversity; By offering various types of gastronomic experience, in order for the guest to better feel the uniqueness of Georgian culture, the resraurant presents haterogeneous and unique spaces : the main hall of the restaurant, the party hall, as we call it "Tinatin hall", cellar, Georgian yard, lounge bar, Asian and VIP spaces, cigar bar da literary cafe.


The name of the restaurant "Rustaveli" echoes the great poem of the 12th century poet Shota Rustaveli - "Vephkistkaosani"


Unforgettable culinary experience, traveln througt time of flavors and aromas - we promise to tge guests who come to Rustaveli restaurant indelible impressions. 

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